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Health & Adoption Agreement






Purebred AKC English Golden Retriever


(10 Weeks Old)



About Gabriel

Our puppies are professionally temperament tested to help ensure each one is being matched to their ideal forever families!

Some of us remember one of the greatest advertising campaigns of all time- the Coca-cola polar bears that would grace our televisions and hearts over the holiday season! We think Gabriel could easily be a stand-in for a one of those sweet and endearing bear cubs! He is so tender and kind- never trying to make a fuss or start drama with anyone- but still has an oafy personality that is rooted in pure delight! He’s happy to take the submissive role playing alongside a safe friend, or snuggling up to new companions if they allow! We adore his stoic, old man vibe that makes him exude an energy of both confidence and contentment that all is going to turn out fine in this world no matter the chaos that’s in it! If you are looking for a literal angel to grace you with his warm, scrumptious presence- we can’t think of a dog who could be a better ‘highlight of the day’ to literally everyone he meets!

If you have more questions regarding this temperament description, please let us know so we can connect you with Kimberly the Puppy Trainer to go over any puppy behavior questions or concerns you may have! 

Both parents are Health genetic clear,  Mom (Ginger)  is a  purebred  AKC  Registered  English Golden Retriever, weighing  65 lb.  Dad (Quest) is  a  purebred  AKC Registered English Golden Retriever weighing 95lb. He was imported form Ukraine! Quest is a UKC Champion and is OFA Certified and Health genetic clear!  Estimated Adult weight is around 60-90 lbs.

 Gabriel is  well  socialized  by  our  family,  will  come  to  you,  up  to  date  on   vaccines,  worming  program,  and an entire  vet  exam,  AKC Registration papers and records will transfer to new owner at time  of purchase along with a Genetic Health Guarantee.

I Found My Family!


To Adopt a puppy you will have to read and agree to the Health & Adoption Agreement.

A Video Of Gabriel!


Purebred AKC English Golden Retriever

95 lbs