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About Woodlot Companions

Woodlot Companions is passionate about dog breeding! At the heart of our daily operations is stewardship and every detail of our breeding practices define what stewardship means to us.

We believe in providing a state-of-the-art facility for our dogs to grow and thrive in so they can live their best lives indoors with plenty of room to run and play on our 6 acre property outdoors. In 2018 we built a new house to better accommodate our dogs. We wanted to give our dogs the best possible living environment above and beyond the state or USDA requirements. Our dogs are not kept in wire kennel cages or on netted flooring — they live on solid surface, radiant heated flooring, in well ventilated living quarters that have a access door allowing them to an outside play area.

We also have a two-acre area where they can run, jump, and play, getting plenty of exercise and the enjoyment of the great outdoors. We follow both State and Federal regulations so we are happily certified breeders through the state of Ohio as well as the USDA. 

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We believe in creating the healthiest lines of breeds possible so genetic testing is part of every adult dog’s life in our care. We want to ensure we’ve given our puppies the best chance at living a long and happy life!
We believe in partnership with our local veterinarian to provide all adult dogs as well as their puppies medically sound advice and practices. 
We believe that each dog has a personality and a purpose so we work with a local puppy trainer to determine temperaments so that each puppy goes to a forever home that is a good match for their lifestyle.
We believe in giving our buyers confidence in what we do and how we operate no matter if they are able to visit our kennel in person or have to buy their dog completely online. Communication, transparency, and helpfulness build our relationships to create a seamless puppy buying experience!

All puppies are raised on our premises until the day they find their forever home. We sell directly to the buyer and do not believe in selling any of our puppies to pet stores or brokers as we want to make sure our dogs are living their best lives possible by eliminating possible poor treatment or conditions by any ‘middle-man’ practices.

Stewardship is simply a way of life at Woodlot Companions. We strive to be on the forefront of ethical breeding culture to create higher standards for canines and their forever families across the country!

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