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Our entire family is passionate about the positive impact dogs have in all of our lives! That is why we have dedicated so much of our focus into raising the best furry family members for those around the United States to truly enjoy the companionship of our ethically-raised puppies.

Since 2010

We have not only dedicated our time into raising our dogs the right way, but we believe in investing into our kennel, stewarding our property and refining our practices to ensure every puppy and their parents are living their best lives possible. Being responsible breeders takes a whole lot of dedication to science, keeping up with technology, as well as being generous in our love to each and every animal living on our property.


Ethical Breeding Practices
We believe in being on the forefront of ethical breeding practices including genetic testing, importing new breeding stock from other parts of the world to keep genetic lines diversified, as well as regular vet checks and vaccinations. Our property is large enough to have plenty of places to run, play, socialize, and develop while still adhering to strict federal and state dog breeding regulations.


We consider it to be an honor to have one of our puppies become part of your family! Please visit our About Us page or FAQ page to learn more.

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