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Author: Chloe Jost
Date: December 7, 2023

Mini Pomsky Grooming 101: How to Keep Your Pup Looking Their Best

mini pomsky

Welcoming a new dog into your life requires extensive thought about their care. Many of us get dogs to feel the happiness that comes with companionship. So, of course, your dog must feel the same while under your care.

The basics of dog care include proper feeding and diet and regular walks. However, there’s one aspect of being a new dog parent that many forget to consider: dog grooming.

Coat maintenance is not only essential to your dog’s appearance but also to their health. Certain breeds, like a mini pomsky, have more grooming requirements than other dogs. If you’re the proud new owner of a mini pomsky, this is the guide for you.

Read on to discover some valuable tips on caring for and grooming your new beloved friend.

What is a Mini Pomsky?

A pomsky is a charming mix of a Pomeranian and a Siberian husky. This breed is best known for its small, cuddly stature and striking appearance. They inherit features like the Pomeranian’s fox-like face and the husky’s iconic coat pattern.

Pomskies are classified as small to medium-sized dogs. A mini pomsky would be the offspring of a small husky and a Pomeranian. Due to the size difference between breeds, a pomsky litter is only possible through artificial insemination.

Because Pomeranians and huskies are popular dog breeds, it only makes sense for the pomsky to be such a huge hit. Dog lovers alike are unable to resist the pomsky’s silly charm and playful antics. If you’re interested in adopting your own, here’s some pomsky dog breed information.

Small and Playful

A mini pomsky could be the perfect fit if you’re looking for an apartment-friendly dog. Pomskies can stand up to 10-15 inches tall and weigh about 20-30 pounds. Pomskies, like Pomeranians and huskies, are playful and loving.

They love to play and take long walks but will also cuddle up next to you. It helps to remember that both Pomeranians and huskies can be talkative. This means that their offspring could also be yappy and noisy.

If you aren’t fond of vocal dogs, it might be best to reconsider getting a pomsky. However, if you love dogs with a lot of personality, a pomsky could be a great fit.

How Smart is a Pomsky?

Huskies and Pomeranians are known to be intelligent, so their offspring will excel in training. Pomskies are easy to train and respond best to food rewards. However, they can also be stubborn and sassy.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that all dogs, regardless of breed, have different personalities. Though pomskies share traits from both ancestors, no two pomskies are the same. Some are eager to please and quick to learn; others require more consistent training.


Pomskies tend to have thick, plush coats that vary in length and texture. Your puppy could have a short, dense coat or a longer, wavy coat. Like their parent breeds, they tend to shed a lot.

This means that pomskies require a great deal of grooming to maintain a healthy shine. Grooming a mini pomsky may seem like a simple task because they’re small dogs. However, their double coats mean they need extra care. 

Start With a Bath

Pomskies have sensitive and dry skin. This means you can get away with bathing your dog once every three months, depending on how dirty or active they are. If your dog doesn’t need a full bath, you can use a grooming wipe to refresh their coat.

Place your pomsky in a tub with warm water. Take the time to get your dog fully wet, as the top coat repels water and dirt. You can use a spray attachment for this step.

You can place cotton balls in your dog’s ears to prevent them from getting wet. Take a mild dog shampoo and work it into a nice lather. Take care not to get soap in your dog’s eyes.

You may follow up with a conditioner if needed.

Brushing Your Dog

Once you’ve finished your dog’s bath, dry it with a towel. Use a blow dryer on a cool and gentle setting and use a slicker brush or wide-tooth comb. This will help you get the knots out before you get to the real brushing.

Use an undercoat rake to remove any loose undercoat. Don’t feel surprised when you end up making an entirely new dog out of the loose fur. It would also help to use this opportunity to check your dog for mats.

Double-coated dogs are more prone to matting because their undercoat is often ignored. Mats consist of tangled fur wound into tight clusters. If left untreated, they can trap more fur and become bigger.

Mats can be dangerous if they get too close to the skin. If you find a mat, try to brush it out with the help of a detangling conditioner spray. If you’re unable to brush it out, it’s best to seek the aid of a professional groomer.

Cleaning Eyes and Ears

Many beginner dog owners forget their dogs also need eye and ear care. Double-coated breeds like pomskies need regular trimming around the eyes and ears.

Start by checking your pomsky’s ears for debris. Place some mineral oil on a cotton pad or ball and gently wipe the inside. Be careful not to put the cotton pad or ball in the ear canal.

To clean your dog’s eyes, use a wet cotton pad or a gentle baby wipe. This helps you get rid of tear stains. You can trim the fur around the eyes, but be extra careful.

Find Pomsky Puppies for Sale

A mini pomsky can be a sweet and loveable companion as long as you know how to care for it. Maintenance is simple enough as long as you brush your dog regularly.

If you’ve fallen in love with the personality and charm of a pomsky, you’re in luck! Woodlot Companions offers quality designer and purebred puppies, ethically raised with plenty of love and care. Reach out and ask us about our mini pomsky for sale.

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