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Author: Kimberly Lee
Date: February 4, 2023

Planning a Doggie Date Night

Did you know that February 3rd is National Doggy Date Night? Whether your pup is new to the pack or an old friend – it’s a great opportunity to change your regular day-to-day routine and spend some quality time with mans best friend! You may be wondering what to do to make this day special for your lovable companion, so we’ve compiled this list of dog friendly activities to make your doggy date a success!

1.Hit the Town

Celebrate by finding a local park to explore letting your pup stop at every sight and smell they find interesting maybe pause to take some selfies along the way. If the park has a large open area play a big game of fetch. Afterwards relax and wind down at your favorite local dog-friendly restaurant for some dinner.

2.Go on an Adventure

Find a dog friendly hiking trail in your area and take your pup on a hike through the wonderful beauty around you with all of its wonderful sights, sounds and smells! Bring a packed picnic to have in the great outdoors if the weather allows or at least bring some water and snacks for the both of you to enjoy on your doggy date.

3.Stay In

Maybe it’s been a busy day or your pup is a bit of a homebody, just swing by your local pet store and pick up a nice bone or new toy on the way home. Then order dinner at your favorite restaurant to be delivered and have a nice night in together while watching your favorite dog movie such as the classic Old Yeller or the more lighthearted Beethoven.

4.Day DateWho says you have to just have dates at night? Go shopping with your pup around town enjoying the sights and sounds and maybe popping into the pet store to find some new toys, a cute collar or tasty treats. Then head to one of these dog friendly restaurant chains for lunch or a little afternoon snack.

5.Paint and Sip

You may find doing a creative project with your pooch to be just the kind of exciting date you’re looking for, not to mention, at the end of the night you may find a hidden talent and have some new décor to display. This tutorial is a great (and tasty) introduction to the art world for your furry friend and less chaotic than just giving them a loaded paintbrush! If you’re looking for a less messy artistic option skip the paint and use a pet-friendly ink pad instead to capture those cute little paw prints.

6.Cooking Class

Is food the way to your pup’s heart? If so, why not bake up a dog friendly delicacy together! Like these Homemade Peanut Butter Oatmeal dog Treats. Or maybe your dog would appreciate a little more flavor with this more sophisticated Cranberry Oatmeal Dog Cookies. Plus, there will be plenty left over to freeze and enjoy in the weeks to follow.

7.Scavenger Hunt

In our opinion a scavenger hunt is hard to beat and the thrill of the hunt is a great way to bond with your dog. Hide a few dog treats (maybe made from the recipes above) and/or toys within a designated area. Then encourage your dog to sniff them all out, being sure to celebrate upon each find. This process may require a bit of guidance especially if this is your first time attempting an exercise like this with your pup. We recommend hiding high value treats like a bone in trickier hiding spots. Then upon finding this last great treasure you both can celebrate by relaxing, him curled up next to you with his new treat and you with a book and a glass of wine.

8.Beach Day

If your dog has a love of water than maybe an evening at the beach (or a lake) is the best way to celebrate! There are plenty of toys out there that float in the water to encourage your pup to fetch and if your dog is a breed that enjoys swimming they will love the opportunity to play fetch from land to water.

Hopefully this list has inspired you to create some lasting memories with your furry friend. Maybe you’ll even stumble across a new way to bond, or a talent you didn’t know your dog had. No matter how you choose to celebrate this special bond between dog and man we’re sure your canine companion will enjoy every second of time you spend with them. After all, that’s what makes them so lovable: their unconditional love and devotion for us.

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