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Author: Kimberly Lee
Date: March 10, 2024

What is Better a Male or Female Dog?

It’s one of life’s most debated questions: is a male or female dog better? And depending on who you talk to, this can be a subject that people can get passionate about. Based on their own experience they can easily back up their claim for one or the other very convincingly. Even a quick Google search will turn up an overwhelming amount of [conflicting] information that can be quite confusing.

We believe that more than the sex of a puppy, a temperament that matches what you’re looking for in an ideal companion is more beneficial. Placing too much importance on those x and y chromosomes can prevent you from finding the perfect match you’ve been looking for. Failing to consider a female pup just because you’ve heard males are easier to train and are generally better-behaved isn’t something we recommend because we’ve seen the opposite be just as true. We hope you believe us when we say that the character of a dog depends very little on whether it is a boy or a girl! When looking for that perfect match— it makes much more sense to ask yourself what you want in your future furry friend. Are you looking for an energetic buddy who encourages you to get out and go for a few walks every day or are you looking for a snuggly cuddle-bug who is content to take it easy? Picking a pup with a temperament that naturally compliments your lifestyle will give you a higher chance of finding your new bestie! 

Why Are Male Dogs More Affectionate?

At eight weeks of age there is very little difference between a girl or boy puppy, but depending on the breed, give it five to eight more months and noticeable transformations will take place as your puppy hits puberty. This means some physical changes and oftentimes, some personality fluctuations will start due to the incoming hormones. However, a lot of the negative side effects of this maturing process, such as marking for males and heat cycles for girls can be avoided if you’ve chosen to spay or neuter. Additionally, any changes in behavior will likely go away once your dog has been fixed. We recommend reading our blog about how to best navigate this important decision with your furry friend.

For some reason, boy dogs are known for their affection and easy-to-please attitude. This can certainly be true, but it’s not always the case. It also doesn’t mean that these characteristics are absent in girl dogs. In fact, for every person or article that takes the stance, you will find one with the opposing view. This is because this personality traits and character depends on a lot more than if the puppy is male or female. It more so begins with their breeding and where they fall into their family pack. It’s well known that different breeds will carry specific characteristics, but within every litter born, there will be variations of these qualities. 

Why Are Female Dogs More Popular?

According to a study of adoptions from several shelters over a 10-year period, there was a 20% preference for female dogs. Girl dogs have a reputation for being easier to house-train. The study was not specific if this was the actual reasoning behind the results they complied, but we can assure you that the only reason a girl canine would be known for being easier to potty train is due to the heightened hormones of males during puberty who will start to mark their territory. Even after you have successfully trained a male puppy to go potty outside, once they start to mature and have not yet been fixed, they could start to mark inside your home. This is especially true if they feel threatened by other male dogs or a female in heat is close by. If you’ve chosen to keep your male intact, they will outgrow this habit.

Should I Get a Female Dog if I Already Have a Male?

If you are in the process of adding to your family pack with a second dog, you may be wondering when the best time is and how best to go about it. We have a blog that addresses this very question! As to what combination of sexes is best it is a good rule to go with the opposite sex to have a better chance of the two getting along, but this is not always the case. Depending on the personality of your first dog they could be very open to any puppy you introduce, but they could also be just as leery of any puppy being added to your pack. By chatting with our preferred puppy trainer, Kimberly who temperament tests all our litters, she can help guide you to the best match for your family.

If you were team boy or girl, we hope we’ve convinced you that your future best friend could be either and not to count their gender against them! Instead, make a list of what you’re looking for in a dog, and think about your lifestyle— how much time do you have for training and exercise, are you looking for an independent pup or one who likes to curl up in your lap every chance it gets? All these variations can be found in one of our little puppies that we have professionally temperament tested to help you find that perfect companion— just read the descriptions on their page or ask to chat with Kimberly, to assist you in your decision-making process! 

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