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Author: Kimberly Lee
Date: January 21, 2023

What Puppy Breed is Right for my Family

What Dog Breed is Right for Me?

Here at Woodlot Companions we have seven different breeds of puppies that are available for purchase and we chose these breeds mainly for their family friendly personalities. However, you may still be wondering which of the breeds we offer would be the best fit to join your family pack. Let us introduce you to each one to help find the right choice for you!

Pure Breeds

Of the seven breeds we offer three of them are considered and recognized by the AKC as pure bred and are the majority of base breeds for the designer puppies we offer. All are recognized as great companion personalities, but let’s take a closer look to find out what makes them so lovable and sets them apart from each other.

English Cream Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers come in all shades of gold from the light cream that we offer to a dark golden that can be found in our designer puppy breeds. The name English Cream only refers to the lightness of these goldens fur and a breeding program that focuses mainly on color should be approached with some skepticism, mainly because the genetic diversity of the breeding comes into question. However, we carefully research the health of our breeding stock to ensure the pedigree of our puppies meet the highest standard. Even though our goldens have a beautiful light coat, they come with all the great qualities Golden Retrievers are known for.

These dogs are loyal, friendly, and intelligent. They are great with kids and other animals while having a reputation for wanting to be everyone’s best friend. Goldens have amazing adaptability with a natural devotion to learning, which makes them highly trainable. We have found through our temperament testing that not all goldens are as active and high energy as the breed is known for, but that some are completely content lazing the day away curled up at your feet. Now that we’ve talked this breed up and told you all the positive aspects, lets get to the hard truths. Golden Retrievers have a beautiful thick double coat that sheds in abundance, but their grooming needs are infrequent. They are not known to bark a lot, but only to alert however when they choose to ‘sound the alarm’ they are loud and insistent.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is good natured, calm and strong. With a weight ranging from 70-100 pounds this is the largest breed we offer, but don’t be intimidated by it’s size as this breed is affectionate with all members of it’s family pack often choosing one lucky human as it’s favorite. This friendly giant may be a bit more reserved to strangers with a playfulness for those it knows well. It’s protective nature is shown in it’s vocal bark. These dogs are happy with a job to do being built for hard work especially in cold weather, but are more than content to curl up next to you too. This breed is an expert at knowing how to relax and enjoy a slower pace of life. Here are the hard truths of this breed: They bark more frequently than other large breeds and with a thick double coat you will find their hair everywhere and need a bit more grooming than our golden retrievers. They also have the propensity to moderately drool.

Miniature Poodle

The Miniature Poodle shares much the same traits as it’s larger counterpart, being active, proud, and very smart. This little curly furball of energy is overly fond of it’s family pack including young children, but a bit wary of other dogs. Playful and highly trainable this breed is a lifelong learner and will impress with it’s elegant athleticism. Most surprising is this dogs love of water as a strong natural swimmer! Because of it’s curly hypoallergenic coat this dog makes for a great non-shedding companion, though it’s grooming needs are quite frequent. The hard truths for this breed are much what you would expect – it is quite vocal with a more protective nature.

Designer Breeds

Because we love the base temperaments of our pure bred dogs above we combine these lovable personalities to bring you the best of both in the four designer breeds we offer. Half of these breeds are combined with the intelligent hypoallergenic Mini Poodle making them compact fluffy versions of their purebred counterparts with minimal shedding.

Mini Bernedoodles – These handsome little charmers are known for their happy, goofy, and smart dispositions. With lively curiosity these cuties are enthusiastic learners. Because this breed is combined with one of our more relaxed breeds and the energetic poodle it is a happy medium of fluffy energy, playful and welcoming. Hard truths: like a poodle it will need more frequent grooming, but has less shedding than a bernese.

Mini Sheepadoodles – These fluffy bundles of cuddle make for a good balance of energy and relaxed calm. They are great companions for active families who appreciate a kind, intelligent, and protective playmate. The English Sheepdog is a natural herding, working dog and so these little bundles have energy to spare and a good amount of regular exercise is recommended. They are the some of the best snugglers and love to be around their family pack. Hard truths: like a poodle it will require frequent grooming, but sheds less than a full bred sheepdog.

Pomskies – This fun-loving, playful pup is great around children and can be quite vocal, but gets along well with other dogs and cats. Like the Siberian Husky it can be a mischievous dog and because of that, the loyalty it does give will need to be earned. They are quick learners and very intelligent. Small in size with a coat that looks more similar to a husky they are a mini version of their full breed counterparts, but love the snow just as much. With a double coat to keep them warm they will shed, but have minimal grooming needs. The hard truth for this breed is that more time and effort will need to be given for it’s training to be effective.

Goberians – This mixed breed is the best of both worlds as it has the intelligence and softened markings of a husky and the calm sweet demeanor of a golden retriever. This combination often makes for a friendly pup who is eager to please in training. These dogs enjoy being around people, but can be independent at times. A great dog for an active family looking for an adventurous, watchful companion. With it’s double coat this dog will love winter like a husky, but because of coming from two dogs that shed this pup will have moderate to heavy shedding.

When it comes to designer breeds the personality of a puppy can lean more towards one parent’s breed than the other. It is important that our puppies are matched to their ideal family so we have each one professionally temperament tested. Hopefully, this in depth look at each of the breeds we offer has helped you in deciding what breed may make a perfect match for you!

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