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Bernese Mt. Dog


(8 Weeks Old)



About Huxley

Our puppies are professionally temperament tested to help ensure each one is being matched to their ideal forever families!

There’s a secret crossroads in life where a surfer dude meets the mind of a pediatric therapist and his name is Huxley! We adore this boy’s ‘bro’ vibe as he tries to solicit submissive and dare we say super silly play with his siblings but has a very intuitive yielding heart to show respect towards others in the process! Huxley knows it’s his job to remain calm, will pick his human out of the crowd and come lay stoically at their feet while he’s waiting patiently to determine what they need next! His serious side is met with a flopsy and funny playful side who just wants his adventuress to be filled with peace, kindness, and camaraderie! Our boy has no agenda but to make everyone feel that they instantly have a best friend who comes off more like a long lost loved one rather than a random stranger! If your inner child is longing for both the quintessential puppy experience and the type of temperament canine legends of the silver screen are made of- may we present to you our sweet star of the litter Huxley!

If you have more questions regarding this temperament description, please let us know so we can connect you with Kimberly the Puppy Trainer to go over any puppy behavior questions or concerns you may have! 

Both parents are health genetic tested. Mom (Halo) is a 62 lb. AKC registered Bernese Mt. Dog.  Dad (Winston) is a 125 lb. AKC registered Bernese Mt. Dog, Estimated Adult weight is 70-115 lbs.

Huxley is  well  socialized  by  our  family,  will  come  to  you,  up  to  date  on   vaccines,  worming  program,  and an entire  vet  exam,  AKC Registration papers and records will transfer to new owner at time  of purchase along with a Genetic Health Guarantee.

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A Video Of Huxley!


Purebred AKC Bernese Mountain Dog

62 lbs


Purebred AKC Bernese Mountain Dog

125 lbs