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Purebred AKC English Golden Retriever


(9 Weeks Old)



About Vicky

Our puppies are professionally temperament tested to help ensure each one is being matched to their ideal forever families!

The big sister through and through- Vicky doesn’t lead by being dominating but by being a completely confident busy body! She has appointed herself as mom’s surrogate, taking her sisters under her wing to learn, play, and explore while still giving off a ‘baby sitter’ vibe that she’s the boss dog with all the answers! When Vicky is not meddling in everyone’s business for fear of missing out, our girl will lay cross-legged and mellow with the suave assuredness of a jazz club owner perfectly content with observing what she can learn rather than constantly needing to dive into the middle of it all! This puppy is both full of bombastic fun, has a bit of a naughty streak when instigating play, and definitely loves to be the center of attention! If you are looking for a puppy who will compete to give you all of her kisses and outrank everyone as your personal teacher’s pet- Vicky is pining to be your top priority!

If you have more questions regarding this temperament description, please let us know so we can connect you with Kimberly the Puppy Trainer to go over any puppy behavior questions or concerns you may have! 

Both parents are Health genetic tested, Mom (Daisy)  is a  purebred  AKC  Registered  English Golden Retriever, weighing 70 lbs.  Dad (Quest) is  a  purebred  AKC Registered English Golden Retriever weighing  95 lbs.  Estimated Adult weight is 70-90 lbs.

  Vicky is  well  socialized  by  our  family,  will  come  to  you,  up  to  date  on   vaccines,  worming  program,  and an entire  vet  exam,  AKC Registration papers and records will transfer to new owner at time  of purchase along with a Genetic Health Guarantee.

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To Adopt a puppy you will have to read and agree to the Health & Adoption Agreement.

A Video Of Vicky!


Purebred AKC English Golden Retriever

58 lbs


Purebred AKC English Golden Retriever

95 lbs