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Goberians Upcoming Litter Deposit

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About Goberians Upcoming Litter Deposit

1. Reserve my spot on the waiting list If you would like to reserve your spot on the waiting list, we require a $200 deposit. This deposit is non-refundable, no exceptions. It can however be put towards another puppy at a later date and time.

2. Notify me when puppies are availableIf you would like to simply be notified when we have puppies available, select the option below, and complete the checkout process. Please note: this option does not reserve a spot for you on the waiting list.   Your puppy purchase includes a phone conversation with our trainer after she has done temperament testing to help you pick out the puppy that best fits your family!


To Adopt a puppy you will have to read and agree to the Health & Adoption Agreement.

A Video Of Goberians Upcoming Litter Deposit!