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Author: Kimberly Lee
Date: April 10, 2024

How to Find the Pick of the Litter

If you are on the hunt for the perfect puppy, we are here to help you find the pick of the litter! This is an exciting yet challenging task, especially with the increase of puppy sales taking place completely online since 2020. Most future pet owners never meet their furry companion before purchasing them and this can make the task seem all the more daunting. Everyone has their own standards of what to look for to find their ideal match— is it the bold pup who makes its way to you first or is it the quiet one content in the corner that challenges you to make it your best buddy? Maybe it’s all about finding the cutie in the bunch with that sweet little twinkle in their eyes. No matter how you go about it we aim to make the process easier for you!

How Do You Find the Best Puppy?

It’s true what they say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” For every breed out there, no matter how unique looking, there is someone who finds it absolutely irresistible. We’d be lying if we didn’t have our favorites! 

The dogs we’ve chosen to love in our own family are ones we want to share with yours. From the majestic looks of a Bernese Mountain Dog to the playful plush look-a-like of a mini Sheepadoodle, every one of these breeds has an ideal look that is sought after. We have high standards of what we hope to achieve for our breeding stock, but what we strive for is not just the looks of a dog, but the health and vitality, as well as the personality traits we hope to pass on to the puppy that may end up in your home. 

Our puppy parents are genetically tested for any health concerns common to their breed and have regular checkups. We then make sure our puppies are well-socialized, up to date on their vaccinations, and provide a vet examination of their own before allowing them to make their way to your arms.

Unless you plan to professionally compete in shows with your pup the ideal looks for their breed probably don’t come into play when choosing your future companion. Most of us just look for a furry ball of limbs with a sweet face that captures our hearts. Looks may be important, but in the end, are a highly individualized preference.

What to Look for When Choosing a Puppy

To find your future best friend it’s helpful to have some understanding of how to interpret their body language. Within the first six to eight weeks your puppy will be developing its personality and finding where it belongs in its original family pack. Within this time their character and temperament will be formed. 

Our preferred puppy trainer, Kimberly, knows that a pup who is bold and unafraid to approach her is most likely an alpha of the litter. This little furball is a born leader who is willing to take risks. This puppy will probably be energetic and require investing time and effort into firm, consistent training. They are intelligent and quick learners. This makes training easier, but their smarts can backfire in the form of mischievous disobedience. As leaders of their original pack, they may be determined to stay top dog giving them a bit of a stubborn streak. If this is your first time owning a dog we don’t often recommend a puppy with this temperament. Depending on pack size there is usually a male and female alpha. 

A puppy who could care less about anyone entering the litter’s play space is most commonly the beta. They are the introverts of the pack and though they may not be quick to socialize, they are the calm cuddlers who will be content to lay on your lap. These pups are fairly impressionable and timid, so patience is needed in training these little guys. As these betas build confidence in your home away from their siblings, they can bloom in ways you might not have anticipated. This quiet submissive puppy may have a hidden silly, playful side. He may even be an adventurer inside who loves discovering the world with you. There is usually a male and female beta in a pack with at least two puppies of the same sex. 

Choosing the Best Puppy for You

In larger litters, there are all the “middle children” and their temperaments are harder to determine because they are a mix of alpha and beta— leaning more towards one than the other. Some will instigate play; others will happily play on their own. For this reason, we have all of our litters temperament tested. We advise picking a few puppies that meet your cuteness quality standards and then reading their personality profiles. We also provide videos to see our little fur balls in action or if you are in the area, we welcome you to check out these pups in person. Keep in mind that prior arrangements MUST be made since we run our kennel on a regimented schedule to ensure our dogs are being appropriately cared for following both USDA and state regulations. Visits are only with the litter you are choosing from and for a maximum of 45 minutes.

If you are unable to visit or are still struggling to decide which pup would make the best companion for you and your lifestyle, we are more than happy to set up a chat with Kimberly. She writes all the personality descriptions and is well-acquainted with our puppies’ characters. We hope this helps you determine what puppy would be your perfect pick of the litter and if you would like the first choice on any of our upcoming litters please contact Gladys to put a deposit on the breed of your choice.

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